About Us

Our family moved to a farm in Juniata County from Lancaster County in 1995. The house, which is now the cottage, had been built the previous year by an elderly lady on the property next to our farm. We soon learned to know her as a very spunky lady who took care of the property herself even though she was 84 years old. We enjoyed visiting her and she always was glad to see us. As she aged she hired us boys to do her yard work and maintain her flower beds.

A few more years passed and she had a stroke. This required her to move to her son’s house in Harrisburg, so that he could take care of her. Our family maintained the yard and kept an eye on the place in her absence. Three years later her family approached us and asked if we would be interested in purchasing the property. Since the Lord had blessed our farming operation, Dad & Mom were able to complete the sale near the end of 2006. They decided that, with a few improvements, the small house located on the property would make a perfect getaway cottage.

We began the transformation with the goal to create a quiet retreat for couples and small families to getaway from their busy schedules. Since the sellers had only removed a few of their personal things that they wanted most, our first task was a complete housecleaning. Next we began renovations that included drilling a new well, changing the old pink counter top, replacing carpet and vinyl, installing a Jacuzzi, replacing the deck, turning the garage on the lower level into a bedroom, and many other things.

Partway into the project, around May 2007, Dad was diagnosed with melanoma, an aggressive type of cancer. The cancer had already caused a brain tumor and spots on his lung. After two surgeries to remove the cancer he endured radiation treatments and was prescribed 6 months of chemo treatments.

During the summer and fall of 2007 work on the cottage continued but at a slower pace. Dad had good and bad days but seemed to hold his own. However, in March of 2008, we learned the cancer had returned with a vengeance. Sadly he passed away six weeks later on April 19, 2008.

For our family this cottage holds some special sentiments since it was Dad’s last project. We decided to continue the vision Dad had for this cottage and finish as soon as we could. With only a few small things to do we were able to complete this by October 2008. Today we invite you to get away and relax at this cozy retreat. We believe you will enjoy it and we look forward to hosting you.


The Snyders

What People are Saying…


“When we enter your cottage to the moment we leave, we value every minute. This is our third year; we love our time here. Thank you for all the special things to make our stay so refreshing. We can hardly believe how fast time goes while here. ” Nevin & Cordy



“This place is lovely, beautiful, breath-taking, relaxing, gorgeous, peaceful, quiet, picturesque, fabulous and the list could go on. You gave it the right name… thanks for all the details in the fall decor…” Harold & Grace



“We enjoyed our stay here very, very much- just too short. The bubble bath, music, sparkling grape juices… it was luxurious. Thanks alot.” Wendell & Janet



“We had such a wonderful time relaxing here at your warm and inviting cottage! We made wonderful memories here and we’re already thinking of visiting again. We loved the scenery, the hiking and all the special touches… thanks again for everything.” Jared & Jenny